Some Links for Friends, July 9, 2013

Links for Friends

I generally just paste these links every day to friends, but I’m offline a lot lately.  So I figure I’ll just share them here.  Comment if you wish, here or on facialbook.  Either way is fine. – Kitchen Nightmares couple still bitching…..


Teacher wears the same outfit for … ever:


Simpsonized Game of Thrones:


This guy 1. Sun 0.


I will never ever ever ever (getting back together) buy coffee at Cumbies now.


12 things you should have in case of a hurricane:


Bitch knows prison currency:


Orson Scott Card is sorry now that gay marriage is legal.  Sorry that it’s legal.  Sorry.


Fuck you in your face Justin Beiber.  But go Mally.  Glad you’re doing ok.


Visit Diagon Alley on Google Maps:




GTA V gameplay.  Ugn.  It twitched a little.


Yeah, GoT fans.  This is way better:


And….  Baby Holocaust.  From the revolving door vagina.


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