Mike Treat Himself Weekend Thus Far….

ImageHey True Believers.  Just wanted to give an update on my weekend thus far.  

Yesterday I got up super early with the family after a night of nearly no sleep.  

They got off on their way to go camping, and I vegged out a bit watching the news.  Then I got off my butt and went to go see the sixth Fast and Furious movie.

It was, I believe, the honest to goodness first time i’ve seen a movie by myself.  And it was a blast.  And I fell asleep.  Hah.  Shocker for those who know me.  But I only missed 2 or three action sequences.  I saw enough to know that it was a hell of a fun ride of a movie.  And has really effected the way I drive this weekend.  Eep.

After that I went home and watched the newest episode of Maron on IFC. Then took a nap.  Then ordered a greek pizza and fries from Kingston.  Which was delicious.  🙂  

TV was the job for the rest of the night.  Went to bed after Nerdist on BBC at 10. Then went to bed.  Where I slept from 11-3.  Then from 4-6.  Then from 7-8 when I started getting text messages.  Dammit Carl.  Then I got up and cleaned up a dead bird.  After the dead mole the night before.  Dammit Cats.  Cleaned the kitchen, which included a red pepper that had decided to liquify itself all over everything on the counter.  Dammit Chris.  

I’ve got this new floor thing going, so I spent some quality time swiffering the entire upstairs.  And then turning around and realizing I’d missed it all.  (Dammit dogs.)  Emptied my entire bureau and started going through all the stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore.  (Dammit lard.) 

Then I went out for a little drive.  Wanted to get my car washed, but it was closed.  Then went to meet my friend Jen for lunch.  We wanted to go to Thayer street for lunch and to walk around.  

But we forgot it was Brown graduation this weekend.  So after about 30 wrong turns and closed roads we got to Thayer and holy fuck there was no WAY that was going to happen. So we went through 30 more wrong turns and got to the mall where we had an AMAZING lunch at PF Changs.  We split a thai beef salad which was really fruity and tasty and an ahi tuna salad which blew my mind with its awesomeness.  The above fortune is from lunch.  

Then we shopped a bit and had some cookies and cream Pinkberry yogurt.  Such a lovely time.

Off to home where now I sit, after having fed the dogs and am watching Iron Man waiting for Carl and possibly my friends Joe and Davis to watch whatever Food Network has to offer.

Not sure what’s up for tomorrow but honestly I don’t care.  🙂  This has been a really nice weekend.


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