Where does the time go?

How have 20 days passed since I’ve written last?  It’s only been like 5 minutes, tops!  

I guess somehow when the days are all pretty much the same they tend to blend together.  Get up in the dark, drive to work, slog, drive home, get kids, watch Wild Kratts, watch Word Girl, make and eat dinner, fall asleep, wake up and start again.  

Maybe it’s been longer than 20 days.  Time has no meaning.  Heh.

I guess that just means you have to embrace the things that are different.  What’s different about today?  It’s my mom’s birthday.  That’s cool.  Hopefully my new glasses will be ready so I don’t have to keep wearing underpowered broken ones.  That will be cool.  I need an oil change.  That’s not so cool.  And I’m going to see Neutral Nation tonight.  That’s pretty fucking cool.  🙂

What’s going to be different about your day today?



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