Write means Right…

ImageOf course, I can’t think of anything to write about.  Maybe it’s too early and pre-coffee for my mind to be firing with enough gusto to truck out the shrink-wrapped full palettes of witty.  Or maybe it’s the boy’s PBS Kids animal show flashing distractingly in the background.  Or maybe it’s the boy himself talking non-stop about dingos and koalas.

Gonna be one of my patented “busy days.”

Hold on.  Gotta go find my iPad for the kid.  Yeah, I have no idea why I have trouble writing.

Now where the hell is that thing?  Sigh.  Oh well.  I’ll find it later.  It’s gotta be here somewhere.

Oh look.  Elephants and Rhinos.  

Ey!  Oh!  Nicky, Sleeveless Charlie!  GUYS!  Back dat forklift up.  Put the witty back in the warehouse.  The customer isn’t ready to receive it yet.  Don’t spill any, ya mooks.  The fat bastid may need it later.

Jimmy, My Brain’s Foreman


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