Beef Stewart


The plague has hit Stewart Lane yet again.  The wife and then the boy were hit with whatever this new fluish cough hacky sore throat fever out of it massively easily aggravated sick bitchy feeling horribly not sleeping affliction that is going around to seemingly everyone now.

I was going to say that luckily the girl and I haven’t been hit with it yet, but I’m not going to say that, because then I will immediately be stricken and be on my knees hwarking phlegm into the Dios de la Terlit.  And I really don’t want that.  I have my normal coughing congested I am allergic to errrrrything cough and PND, but I’m not like they are.

God help us all if I am.  Because I will make all ya’ll pay if I’m going down.  Mark my words.

But I’ve made a nice hearty beef stew to go with the chick soup I made a few days ago. Stayed out of work today and will probably again tomorrow unless he turns around quickly.

Happy Tuesday.


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