Get Moving…

I dread this weekend.

One probably shouldn’t.  But far too often I find myself sitting in my chair on a Saturday morning with dread in the pit of my stomach.  Usually because the weekends are often filled with responsibilities of mine when really I’d like to just have some time to play with my motorcycle or take a nap or play Tomb Raider.

The dread today is because in an hour or so I have to help my father move.  Those who know me, know that the only thing I probably dread more than weekend responsibilities or Christmastime on Route 2, or wakes, is moving.

Especially when the move is disorganized.  (And really, have you ever helped out with an organized move?)  I am sure that today will be no different.

So wish me luck winged monkeys.  And pray strength for my back (that has hurt since I awoke… at 2:30…)…

This post was brought to you by the letters C L U S T E R F U C and K.

And the number shit.


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