I need a breakkkkkkkkkk…. I need a spring break…..

Spring Break, 2013 – Day 2.

Lots to do, little time. So I’m downloading Steam onto my computer.  Maybe a little Plants vs. Zombies will help me feel more productive.


Daylight Savings Time happened.  Anyone who knows me is already sick of me bitching about it.  So I won’t bother.  But the weather has been pretty ok of late.  Grey and rainy often, but not bitter and freezing.  I see you Spring.  You can’t hide from me forever.

What’s been going on of late?  Well my Grandmother died.  So that was fun.  She wasn’t doing well and it was kind of a blessing in the long run, but it still sucks.  We had the memorial service last week.  She will be missed.  It really hit home that I am not in contact with my family enough and need to rectify that.  So that’s a goal for the coming weeks/months/years.

ImageThe wife and I finally got the elliptical put together after two plus weeks of it sitting in the garage.  Unfortunately we found that it’s far too big for our bedroom so I guess it’s going to live in the living room for now.  Nothing but class at Stewart Lane.

It’s super nice tho.  🙂  Now I just have to have enough energy to use the bugger.

Which leads to sleep.  Which has been very poor of late.  Largely due to that little guy to the right who likes to yell every time he wakes up, thus waking US up.  I may have to gag him at night.  That’s not illegal right?  I think I read that in Doctor Spock or some such shit.

Next appointment to get my machine is April 4.  Sigh.  Someday I’ll sleep.  Seriously!

I think part of their master plan is that I get so tired of the process that I end up sleeping naturally.  Which probably would have worked if not for the curly haired scream machine in the room next to mine.  He’s lucky he’s cute.

Lastly, Pig and Pork went to a party and Pork was kind enough to hold Pig’s hair while he was getting transcendental with the porcelain altar.  Becoming one with the spewniverse.  Something like that.



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