From the mouths of babes….

ImageThe boy was sitting on the couch across from me playing a game on my iPad.  It’s a hunting game where the prey is prehistoric animals of one form or another.  And I think a Yeti for some reason, but not really relevant to the story.  He’s hunting some sort of Moosasaurus or something and says

“Dad, when I do the moose call the moose won’t come.”  

So I said

“Well, did you look at the map and go to where the moose is?”

He looked up at me and said

“Dude, are you kidding me?  If I did that, he’d kill me!”


Later on, I let out a rather substantial belch and he looked up from his game and said

“EW!  That was gross.”  

Then he considered for a moment.  

“That sounded like a panther burp.”

I replied “Well maybe I ate a panther.”

He glanced back up at me. 

“Look at how fat your belly is!  It’s as BIG as a panther.”  

He paused.

“But no, you didn’t eat a panther.”


The boy:  “I don’t know if you can eat play’doh.”

Me:  No you can’t eat play-doh. 

The boy:  I don’t KNOW….  that play’doh  bakery sounds PRETTY DELICIOUS.


One Response to From the mouths of babes….

  1. Chris says:

    Yes, that’s our boy. 🙂

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