Seal Team Sitch

Ok.  I just wanna get this on virtual paper before someone else steals it.


New idea for the perfect reality show.

We get teams together and give them scenarios about our FBI most wanted.  Then they plan out an assault and go in there Seal Team Six Zero Dark Thirty Pikachu Mark Walberg style and figure out how to take out the bad guys.

Then if it works, before it airs, the Seals and the Rangers, and Yogi and Boo Boo and whatever team the Air Force has (the FAirIes or something) go in there and try to execute it and if we get the bad guy the winning team gets a Million dollars (minus 10k for any friendly casualties incurred in the operation.)

The Situation can host.  Snooki can be the on the ground correspondent.  I’m guessing something to do with a Price is Right wheel for scenarios.

I smell a hit.  Anyone?  I’ve got a pen right here to sign stuff with.  (c) Michael Stewart, 2013.


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