Here we snow again…


Saturday 8:00 finds us sitting in our magic chair, waiting for the snow to start.  Oh wait.  It has already.  The boy woke up at 5:30, therefore I woke up at 5:30.  Now I’m trying to figure out what I need to get accomplished today.

Gotta take the girl to her volunteer work.  Hope to get my elliptical set up.  Dear sweet fuck there’s a lot of cleaning to do around here.  Cinderella no likey!  I’m thinking of just starting a fire and burning 3/4 of the stuff in this house.  Then it would be so much easier to clean.  Hopefully on the way home from dropping the kidlet off I can meander a bit and look for some snowy Saturday photos.

I’ve got the Today Show on in the background and two of the last 4 stories have been about first a piglet that someone made Lego wheels for to make up for it’s damaged back legs, and later scientists who made prosthetic flippers for a sea turtle.

I don’t want anyone bitching to me when robot animals overtake the human race and make us their bitch slaves.  You brought this on yourselves.

Just as a note, it’s incredibly difficult to be witty and engaging with you have a youngun who lacks the simple ability to shut the hell up once in awhile.  🙂  I’ll return later.


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