Super Ball Someday

I asked Alex to draw me a picture of he and I in a spaceship, and here’s what he came up with.  🙂  Lacking the subtle nuances of an Alex Ross or a Caravaggio, but I’ll take it.

Others can be found here.


Today was a day of mild successes.  I tried to go get a new army coat, but the surplus store was closed.  I went to look at new ellipticals, and think I found one, that is over a thousand dollars off on clearance.  So I think I’m going to buy that tomorrow or Tuesday if they still have them in stock.  Oop.  Brb.  Will update this in a bit.

So not to be all “Look at how expensive of an elliptical I’m buying and all that shit.  The original price of said unit is over twice what my original budget was.  Now I can pretty much just barely afford it.  And I mean you know, what is my health worth and shit.  So this is the one I’m looking at.  Don’t all of you run to Sports Authority and buy the last three or I’ll be pissed.  I need a couple of days to convert cash to gift cards to help a starving church.  Or something.  Either way – I’ll be buying it in a few days.

Today, from what I hear, is some super-duper bowling thing.  There are no people of any patriotic disposition playing in said tournament, so I am having a hard time giving a rats nutsack.  But I’ll watch, just to be part of the cultural zeitgeist.  And see if someone gets a concussion.  Cuz that’s what we talk about now when we talk about football, I think.

For now, tho, I’ve cranked up Return of the Jedi and the boy and I are watching that before we get to have our patellas shattered by Budweiser and Acura commercials.

Semper Football.


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