Well I completely didn’t post shite yesterday.  Mea Culpa.  😦  I totally and utterly intended to, and wanted to, and willed myself too.  But then work got busy.  And then I got home.  And then I fell asleep.  And then I woke up.  And then I fell asleep.  And then I woke up.  And then I fell asleep.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

So yesterday, something something something sideways rain, got some good news, things broke, kids are good, missed tv, wow it’s dark, wow it’s 3, wow it’s 4, wow this shower is hot, wow this drive is long, and here I am on Friday morning.  So flash forward to the present.


Yesterday the weather was so lovely that I erroneously left work without my sweatshirt and jacket.  So coming outside at 5:15 a.m. in just my dapper sky blue dress shirt was… pointedly shocking to say the least.  (Nipples pointing I mean.)  So I deviated from my normal routine and I’m drinking a HOT coffee instead of my normal iced.  But drinking it as quickly as I can, so there is less time for the horrible horrible styrofoam to leech into my bloodstream and give me napalm cancer.

Cancer aside, it probably means I will be wired like an Afghani IED in about half an hour, and bouncing off the walls.  So if there is a follow up post that is something like:

TREES! Cannons bounding. Fuck! Toilet paper on the. Sky blue as my shirt.  she said.  Seven!

WhY aRe YoU lOoKiNg At Me MoNsTer? UMAMI the magic taste.

You’ll know why.  Hot Dunkin’ in record time. Welcome to Friday.  Hope you survive.


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