Day One

I fully intend to write more tonight or tomorrow but I’m tired from lots and lots of walking. Zzzzzzzz.

Ok, here goes:

The day began at what I would like to say the ungodly hour of 4:30 a.m., but honestly that’s pretty much when I get up every day anyway.

After the normal running around like a maniac getting everything ready for our house sitters, and getting the car parked, and getting molested by TSA agents, I was in the air by around seven thirty for a quick flight to Baltimore.  From there another three hours, and I was sitting on the tarmac in New Orleans.

If you didn’t know it, the Super Bowl is being held here next week.  I sure as hell know it.  It’s EVERYWHERE.  DirectTV had a blimp flying around all day just to make sure we knew.  There are artistic footballs (akin to our Mr. Potatoheads back in lil’ Rhody) around the city.  CBS built an archway over the street outside of Jackson Square to report on stuff from. The hotel has a football on the floor of the lobby.  And …  well, it’s just fucking everywhere.  But the Patriots aren’t in it, so blow me.

Kidding.  🙂  I’m glad for the city.  It will bring a significant amount of money in that does not involve people drinking hurricanes on the street and puking in alleys.

Anyway, after checking into the hotel, Chris, Lorrie and I struck out to try to find our way to the French Quarter from the hotel.   Which we eventually did.  Really should have grabbed a map earlier.  But we found it.  And walked around.  Watched a bit of a parade on Bourbon Street, an then found a place to get something to eat.  Mmmm.  Blackened Shrimp and Jambalaya while sitting in a courtyard with a fountain.  Can’t beat it.

Walked more and did a bit of shopping and took a few pictures.  Then we staggered back to the hotel for a rest before the cocktail hour for the event that they are actually HERE for.  Which I snuck into.  900 people jammed into a room drinking and talking.  I lasted about an hour, had a soda and a water, a few bites off the app. trays, and excused myself to run upstairs and hide while they went to dinner.

Now it’s 10:30 and I’m watching Bill Mahr on Hbo and wondering what I’m going to do tomorrow.


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