Super Bowled Over…

ImageI suppose I should write something about the catastrophe that was last night’s AFC playoff game where the Patriots let the Baltimore Ravens treat them like the drunk girl at a frat party…  

I don’t really have many thoughts there aside from saying congrats to the ravens. You played the shit out of that game.  To Bernard Pollard, who has so far hurt Brady, Welker, Gronk, and now Ridley – you might wanna dial it back JUST a little.   Maybe take out some of your frustration with beyblades or fantasy cockfighting or something a little less cripply.  That being said, if every player in the NFL not on the Ravens decided that your knees were a nice target next season, that wouldn’t be totally unwarranted.  

So now the football season for the Pats is over and they can go back and figure out why they either utterly embarrassed their opponents, or fell apart like an Ikea weight bench when the cast of Mike and Molly film an orgy scene on it.  I’m sure Friar Bill will get out his cattle prod and roster eraser and start fresh.  We’ll see in August.

For now, I don’t have another sport I’m looking forward to.  The next season of The Ultimate Fighter starts on Tuesday.  Strangely paired with Justified.  My wife had better watch out.  With that much testosterone flowing in a three hour time span, one wrong move may cause her to kick my ass.


2 Responses to Super Bowled Over…

  1. rolo says:

    Truck Day is Feb 5.

  2. kinkajou says:

    Unfortunately, the thought of watching and following baseball makes me want to take a wheelbarrow full of newly born pandas and drop kicking them one at a time into a wood chipper. Fat millionaire douchebags standing around doing nothing and scratching their balls hits a bit too close to home for someone who works as hard as I do for moderate pay. Plus, who has time to follow all those friggin’ games? They play as many games as I blink!

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