Martin Luther Monday Jr.

Love everything that this holiday stands for and represents, but god the timing is horrible.  I really could use for one extra work day to get the rest of my prep done for semester start.  There was a lot that didn’t get done.  It will.  Just not today.  There’s only so long I can be three people before stuff gets left behind.

Anyway, this thing isn’t for bitchin’, it’s for saying contemplative things in a witty hilarious way, right?  Right?

I spent the weekend cleaning up old cd’s/dvd’s of backup stuff that I didn’t have space for before.  It really hit home how much Dropbox has changed my life that’s for sure.  So many cd’s of “Let me bring this movie home” or “let me get these songs to Jimmy Joe Bob.”  Now it’s “Oh yeah dey in yo dropbox waiting.”

Hmm.  I guess I’m not creative or contemplative this morning.  Maybe I’ll write more after coffee.  For now the day for me is waiting for the girl and her friend to wake up (they were awake well past one), doing some laundry, and going to walk the track.  Let’s see what else gets in the way.


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