Sunday Windy Sunday

Sundays are always a mixed bag for me.  On one hand it’s generally my quiet morning where I’m supposed to get to sleep in.  Unfortunately, no matter how hard my wife tries, between getting them ready for church, and my Daredevil-like hyper-senses, it never seems to work out that way.  There’s always a dog sitting outside the dog SLAMMING its tail against the door, or the boy dropping a toy in his room and then yelling about it, or … hell … the sound of toenail clippers wakes me up.

So after a night of nearly no sleep (tho I finished the first Jack Reacher book and am well into the second), I got up to the normal Sunday get the kids to church stressfest.  The boy dawdling, the girl sullen and snappy, and me sitting in my chair with my hands steepled imaging lying on my back in a rowboat in the middle of a lake trying to let the light wind move me where it will.

Now I sit, looking at photos of me when I was thin (jesus) and waiting for Mario on NBC10 to give us his “O” face while doing the “Cooking with Class” segment.


Say “Hi”, 2004 Mike.  (“Hi Chubs.”)

Getting back on the elliptical today.  It’s time.  (I did 15 min uphill.  2 miles.  A good first day start.)


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