I was never very good at tests…

Actually that’s not entirely true.  Or at all true.  I’ve pretty damned good at tests.  It’s what allowed me to skate through most of my schooling without working that hard.  Sleep tests?  I don’t know.  I”ll let you know in two weeks when the results come in.

All I know is I slept as poorly as I do at home, not because of wife or kids or dog or house noise, but because of a thousand cables and stickies that made it so if my nipple got hard (and it was cold in there) a wire would pop out and the poor lady would have to come in and adjust it.  But it’s done now and we wait and see if I wear a mask like a tie fighter pilot,  or take ambien and wake up in the middle of the night having sex with the whole chicken for tomorrow’s crock pot, or they just use a bolt gun and put me out of my misery like a horse in a UK meat factory.














3 Responses to I was never very good at tests…

  1. Carol says:

    Where’s the like button?!

  2. Linzy says:

    oh I did that when I was 28. quit yer bitching. 😛

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