Gonna be one of those days….

Here’s how my day started.  4:30 a.m., wake up (again).  Stumble around the house in the dark getting dressed.  Get in the car.  Forget stuff.  Back inside.  Back in the car.  Pop over to the bank to check my balance and take out some money.  The machine says “Thank you. Please retrieve your money.”

Then the power on the ATM turns off.  And back on.

And I watch the machine begin to come back up.  In windows XP.

For fifteen minutes.

Finally, it finishes and says “Out of Service.”  Keeping not only my money (which has been debited from my account), but my effing ATM card.

Color me broke and annoyed.  I’ll be out behind Cumbies this afternoon doing ‘favors’ if anyone wants to float a brother a $5er.


2 Responses to Gonna be one of those days….

  1. I don’t think it was known as Cumbie’s when I lived in RI, but I was 10 when I left, so I dunno. Went to their website and saw a pic of the Hoff with a horrified look on his face. Clearly, he is imagining what you’d be doing for the fiver behind his store.

  2. kinkajou says:

    Better not to imagine.

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