From Carl: Warren the Ape

Warren the Ape is a spin-off of the more well-known show Greg the Bunny. Greg the Bunny which began as a series of shorts on IFC later inspired the Fox television series of the same name starring Seth Green, Sarah Silverman and Eugene Levy. Warren the Ape is the latest chapter of the Greg the Bunny characters, but this time on MTV. The events of this show follow Warren in a reality show context as he tries to piece his life together and sometimes involves the people in the canceled Fox version of Greg the Bunny, in the first season both Seth Green and Sarah Silverman portray themselves post-Greg.

Each episode begins with Warren DeMontague (voiced by co-creator Dan Milano) visiting Dr. Drew to make a plan to get/stay sober and get his acting career back on track. And he plans to do this on TV so as to improve his career and get back on top, invoking reality TV shows such as “Scott Baio Is 45… And Single”. Each episode ends disastrously often with Warren worse off than he started. Warren always puts his comeback before his rehab and an example of this is when he decides to go through the 12 Steps but starts on step 9, because, he says, we all know he’ll never do all 12. So he begins with No.9 Make Amends. Of course, he has his Assistant apologize to people to whom he has done wrong for him.

The show was not only timely, funny, and unique, it was also canceled last November.

Warren on ChatRoulette NSFW: … rel=player

Warren plays D&D NSFW:

Full episodes here:


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