Questions From the Lost Season 5 Finale

Answer/discuss in the comments….Thoughts about the Lost finale:

1.  How does Jacob get on and off the island?

2.  How does the Black Rock get to the MIDDLE of the island?

3.  Did Jacob touch everyone except for Jack (and actually Juliet)?

4.  Is Richard from the Black Rock?

5.  Is Jacob made of flash paper?  Jeeze.

6.  Is the 4 toed statue Anubis?  Or is it more likely it’s Sobek.

7.  Is Dark Jacob really Esau?

8.  Is Juliet pregnant?

9.  Is Juliet really dead or did the ‘reset’ save her too?

10.  Before Ben ‘killed’ Jacob, did he realize that John wasn’t John?  That he was Dark Jacob?

11.  Are Rose and Bernard Adam and Eve?

12.  Why was the logo color switched at the very end – black lost on white background?

13.  Is Dark Jacob Smokey?  Or does Smokey work for DJ?

14.  What might Frank be “a candidate” for?

15.  Did Jacob bring John back to life when he touched him after John was thrown out the window?


2 Responses to Questions From the Lost Season 5 Finale

  1. Chris says:

    16. Assuming Jacob is dead, will Richard age/die?

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