Morning all.  (And I think by all I mean Peter and Chris… not sure who else is still reading this woefully underposted thing.)

Today is a day to pimp some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to.  I’ll skip the big ones like Smodcast and The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack because you should already know about those.  But here is a sampling of 5 that I really enjoy…

Cabin Fever

From their page:

Cabin Fever (hosted by the twisted souls Brian Fitzpatrick and Aaron Poole) is the result of having too much time on your hands and access to your local community radio station.

Over the course of an hour, they manage to trawl the depths of good taste, plus throw some music in. How much more could you want from a podcast?… Quality? Oh… we didn’t think of that.


Their page on popsyndicate says “info goes here” so I’ll just post a description of their latest episode:

This week The Guys discuss how many it takes to attain a few for several minutes.  Recent developments begin to turn bloody a rivalry, especially after a post recording revelation. (More on this next week.)  The Glitter Contest winner is announced this week, changing a lucky listener’s fortune by awarding a reward from the prize closet…oh, the spoils.  The Misinformation Mixer ‘09 is discussed; briefly this time.  Quality and the expectation of such is discussed and a battle gauntlet (as opposed to a huggie lovey gauntlet) is thrown down against naysayers and poo pooers the world over.  Rants, cursing, comedy, beer, plus much MUCH MORE!

Donald Is Lost

From the “About the Hosts” Page:

Donald was born in Lake Charles, LA. Although this information is subject to change. In Episode 25 of the Donald is Lost podcast Charlotte S. Lewis reveals that Donald was actually born on the Island and grew up with Charlotte. All info of the first 18 years of Donald’s life is now being brought into question. At the age of 18 Donald attended Mcneese University where he studied art and commercial art. At age 23 he decided to start a podcast devoted to the show Lost, as his show became more and more popular characters from the show started to show up and help out with the podcast the first of which is Mikhail Bacunin. Donald would make weekly trips to the Island to visit the communication station and pull up voicemails and emails sent in to the podcast. A few months into the podcast Charlotte Staples Lewis was given a full time co-hosting position and together the trio grew to world wide fame, until the Studio became under attack by an unkown force presumed to be the IRS but the exact threat has never been identified. Mikhail Bacunin turned the studio’s donkey wheel and moved the studio, which ended up on the Island. As of January 2009 Donald is Lost takes place on the Island where Donald, Charlotte, and Mikhail’s adventures continue.

The /Filmcast

The podcast of the webpage http://www.slashfilm.com/ where they have weekly discussions on what’s in theaters and coming out on DVD.

The Lost Mystery Podcast

From “About the Show”:

The primary purpose of The Lost Mystery Podcast is to give new viewers of LOST the same great experience that those watching the show from the beginning have had. Evan is a LOST fanatic that has been watching from the very beginning while Anton has just started watching the show.

We’re starting from the very beginning of the series and working our way to the very end. But this podcast isn’t just for those who are getting a late start with LOST, we’ve had many comments from listeners saying that they’ve heard us mention things they never noticed even when they’ve seen that episode more than once! So there’s definitely something for everyone here!

So there ya go guys.  Give ’em a try.  Let me know what you think.


One Response to Podcasts…

  1. I would also suggest The LOST Lowdown hosted by Claude and Justin if tou like really long podcasts their last podcast was 8 hours long and their longest was over 23 hours

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