What I Learned from Wikipedia

The Guns and Dope Party is a United States political party envisioned by cult author and libertarian Robert Anton Wilson. While the party has proposals that can be considered generally libertarian in its principles, it presents these positions in a facetious manner, and advocates extremely absurd things, for example replacing one third of Congress with ostriches. This is consistent with Robert Anton Wilson’s and chaotic Discordianism’s tradition of advocating freedom through parody and surrealism. Indeed, this school of thought regards dogma as the main root of humanity’s evils and holds the view that people shouldn’t take things – or themselves – too seriously.

The party’s political ideology stems from Wilson’s insight that “every ostrich is a tsar” – that is, a radical political belief that each individual should be capable of governing him/herself. Guns and Dope has consistently supported “everybody” for President of the United States, where voters are encouraged to write-in their own name on the ballot.

Members of the Guns and Dope Party regularly host a theme camp at Nevada’s yearly counter-culture rich Burning Man festival.

Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guns_and_Dope_Party


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  1. peter says:

    I was wondering if this thing was on.

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