Random Thoughts

Why the hell is MSNBC not showing news and simply showing the pornlympics?  We can do with recaps, thanks.  We don’t have to see Couples Trampoline in its entirety.  ESPN can handle it.  Fuck you NBC.  I want some goddamned world news.  Now I have to watch the chubby weather woman on the local news.  Fuck you.

Rick Roll?  More like Prick Roll.  Cut it out.  It’s not funny.

Is there anything today that people quote as often and as annoyingly as Monty Python?

Oh  yeah.  Monty Python.

This image is awesome.  🙂  I didn’t catch the artist, but it’s part of this show:  http://www.crazy4cult.com/

I saw it on a Kevin Smith post on Quick Stop Entertainment.

Oh, and now the LOCAL news is covering the olympics.  Fuck you olympics.

And since I haven’t said it in while (not that it doesn’t go without saying) Fuck you Texas.

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