Why am I posting at 3am you ask?

Riley finally got up the nerve to participate in the overnight at girl scout camp this morning (the morning of…) so when the phone rang at 2:30, I vaguely heard thru sleep “Call from, Girl Scouts of”  “Call from, Girl Scouts of”…  I shot awake.  And smacked Chris and said “Get the phone!”

Why I didn’t get up and get the phone myself is a question for another day. 

The last time we got a call at this time of the night it was Chris’s brother calling from the ER telling us he’d been stabbed. 

Turns out the poor kid woke up and yacked in her tent. Sigh.  Not sure if it was something she ate, or if she picked up a bug or what.  But Chris is currently on her way back to South Kingstown to pick her up and bring her home, and then probably to call in sick tomorrow in order to stay home with her. 

And I’m wide awake.  And staring at the screen knowing that my phone is going to go off in 2.5 hours.  And I only slept for 2.


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One Response to Why am I posting at 3am you ask?

  1. Robyn says:

    Two hours of sleep? Two whole hours? I remember when I used to get 2 hours. The good old days….

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